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Win back lost customers with Email Append

There is no need to elaborate on how email marketing has vastly grown in the marketing arena. If you are still stuck with sending direct mails and calling, you have been losing out on a great and it is high time you shift your focus to email marketing. You can avail email addresses of all your prospects and customers on your database by opting for our email appending service.

According to a study by MarketingSherpa, more than 42 percent of businesses have incorrect email addresses in their database; and using these contacts for campaigns can only mean investing money on nothing. The best way to rectify this is email appending

Email Appending Services

Email Appending, as the name suggests is the process of appending the missing email addresses in your customers or prospects database. It enhances your customer database and provides the means to capitalize for your shift in the marketplace. It also helps you build up ability to communicate with your customers easier, faster, and cheaper.

Email Appending Process

Below is the email append process we follow to deliver an accurate database that promises more than 98% email deliverability.

Input file from client is run though data preparation tests, data is cleaned and SIC analysis is performed. If the database has email addresses, the domains in the database are matched with our master database, unmatched domains, companies, and patterns are processed through search technology, the email addresses are then appended to the database. The appended email ids are used for an opt-out campaign. Once we remove the email ids that have opted out, we segregate based on demographics specified by client and deliver the accurate and verified database to the client.

In case the database provided by the client does not have any emails, the search technology is carried out based on name, company and sic codes and consequently email addresses are added to the database and opt-out campaign is carried out.

Time taken for the email append process irrespective of the size of the database, varied between 5-7 working days. In case the client is requests on opt-out campaign by Datazeon, the process might take close to 2-4 weeks.

Customer Testimonial

“We were a interior decor store and we have always reckoned on word of mouth and direct marketing. But with time, we found the need for email marketing, Datazeon was very helpful. We not only received a flawless database, they hand held us in sending us our first email campaigns.” - Marketing Manager

We are proud to state that we are one of the very few data providers that collect data through optin methods such as technology conferences, business journals and website subscriptions, technology forums, social media groups, technology listings, and more.

Our Featured Appending Services

  • Email Appending

  • B2C Email Appending

  • Phone Appending

  • Contact Appending

  • Social Media Appending

  • Tech Install Appends

Benefits of using Email Appending Services

  • Establish email marketing as a cost effective channel in your marketing program

  • Maximize the volumes of email data you can access

  • Efficiently transfer your offline customers to online

  • Reduce postage or telecommunication costs

Datazeon offers both business and consumer email appending service along with reverse appending services where name and postal address are appended to an email address.

With or service, you can easily establish email communication with customers for an increased ROI.