Data Verification Services

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Work with relevant, up-to-date and engaging prospects

The database you use to send your marketing campaigns is directly linked to the success or failure of your campaign. Since it is you campaign’s foundation, it is vital to protect your list from all impurities that can weaken your campaign. Using an unclean mailing list can result in a lot of negativity

  • Using misspelled contact details destroying your brand image

  • Be mistaken as a spammer

Data Verification Services

Our data experts provide affordable, powerful, and greatest quality solutions for your lists to get rid of incorrect capitalization in names and addresses, incorrect punctuation, incorrect titles, multiple entries, typographical errors, incorrect syntax in email addresses, dead domain names, prank ids, and many more.

Data Verification Process

  • Match in-house records with client’s criteria for further processing

  • Verify email addresses by sending opt-in emails to all emails in the database

  • Verify all digital information through digital data experts